You've probably seen the posts before on social media, about how small business owners do a happy dance every time they make a sale. As a certified small business owner, I'm here to tell you, it's 100% true! It is so exciting to watch something you've created from the ground up blossom and thrive. As small business owners, we usually have a hand in each and every aspect of the business! For example, here at Good Jane, Liz (that's me!) packs all the orders, writes each and every customer personalized notes, and does the majority of the marketing! In honor of #SmallBusinessSaturday, not only would I be thrilled if you supported Good Jane by shopping here today, but I would also love to share some of my favorite small businesses that I love to support. Have any to add to this list? Reach out to us on Instagram and let us know! We'll update this list all day today ūüôā