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Rogue Paq


At this point in your life, you’ve likely upgraded your furniture (bye, Ikea!), your home (hello, modern single family!) and most of your other earthly possessions.  You’ve even snubbed your nose at Gas Station CBD and rightfully chosen a brand that consciously chooses its ingredients and carefully curates a brand that you feel good about carrying (yep, we’re talking about Good Jane). So that begs the question, why are you still storing your ritual items in an old shoebox?

Enter, the Rogue Paq. A beautiful, sleek and discretely designed ritual carrier with a pocket for every item and even a smell-proof exterior making it a zero-questions-asked travel companion. Our Good Jane pain sticks and capsule jars fit perfectly within the center console, making it the ideal way to always have your Good Jane by your side.


Lambskin: The Lambskin carrier is the most luxurious of the three. With a 100% fine grained premium black lambskin leather exterior and steel gray suede interior, this Rogue Paq is sure to impress even the most discerning amongst us.

Vegan: 100% premium black pebbled vegan leather and soft touch suede, a gorgeous choice for every day.

Solo: Supple lambskin exterior, this solo Paq is great when your stash is small and space is extra tight.

Good Jane is excited to offer these beautiful carriers for the holiday season, so hurry and get yours while supplies last!

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“I’m now on the Rogue River! Oh my god…how cool! It’s gorgeous.” – Jim Belushi, Actor

“Rogue Paq is beyond chic – I’m obsessed! Where has this been during all my [adult years]? I freaked out when I saw my name on it – it’s perfect. My friends are super jealous.” – Diablo Cody, Academy Award Winner

“I’m feeling Rogue Paq. A beautiful gift…for all your [ritual] travel needs. Pretty dope!” – Dave Rublin, Bassist, The American Authors

“I’m so in love with this Paq! I’m all about a beautiful product but it has to be functional too. It is the perfect travel piece AND you can get it in lambskin or vegan leather! I used it on my most recent trip and was able to discreetly pack all my [] accoutrements + travel essentials in style. It has so many cool features – zips, pouches, chic closure. Even if you aren’t a cannabis lover, there are so many uses for this chic roll. I stash my make up essentials in here as well. Mine is vegan and monogrammed and I LOVE it.” – Mia Reddy, Founder, Dehiya Beauty

“Nice looking product and fills a real need – most of the stuff in the market is so cheap and gross. If you’re going to spend $200 on a Pax, you might as well have somewhere nice to keep it.” – CC, Managing Director

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Lambskin, Vegan, Solo


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