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Who should use this CBD pain stick?

Think about this: You’re not getting any younger, and we all know that grown-up life, as blessed as it can be, comes with its (un)fair share of aches and pains. Years of hard work, whether you sat at a desk for years, raised a couple of kids, or labored outside, can cause back pain and arthritis. Everyday stress (hello, global pandemic!) is often accompanied by tension headaches. Regular workouts now can lead to pulling a muscle or twisting an ankle (isn’t getting old grand?!). Relief can be easy, hands-free, quick and effective with our Pain, Pain Go Away CBD pain stick.


2oz balm, containing 500MG of Broad Spectrum Hemp and our proprietary herbal blend consisting of Hemp, Arnica, Lobelia, Comfrey Root, Willow Bark, Cayenne & Ginger.

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SUGGESTED USE Apply this CBD pain stick directly to any external part of the body that hurts and repeat as necessary! Many customers use on sore joints, achy muscles and on their temples to relieve aches, pains and headaches.
Testing Matters! Transparency is at the forefront of our brand philosophy. We want you to know exactly what is going in and on your body! We strive to use only the cleanest ingredients, and always have our products third party tested. This is how we maintain your trust! Click the links below for test results on our GJ Pain, Pain, Go Away CBD pain Stick: Certificate of Analysis HOW TO RECYCLE THIS PACKAGE: Our Good Jane body products are packaged in 100% recyclable paper tubes. When you have used the last of the product, rinse out any remaining residue. Keep in mind that any items with more than 10% residual formula will not actually be recycled! Throw the tube in with the rest of your recycling or bring it to the recycling area at your local dump! Don't have curb-side pick up? Car not made for dump runs? No worries, bring your empty Good Jane containers to a local recycling station at places like Whole Foods or Target on your next trip (we know you have one planned!). Or find a TerraCycle location near you! They offer a variety of programs through which you can recycle nearly every type of waste!  

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5 reviews for Pain, Pain, Go Away

  1. Amanda B.

    I suffer from pretty severe back pain. I have been so pleased with the Pain, Pain, Go Away stick. I’m currently a spin instructor at Reve Cycling Studio and the pain stick is so helpful with my ongoing back pain and muscle relief from riding nearly every day.

  2. Metro395 (verified owner)

    This stuff really works! I have a bunion (bone spur) on my foot that acts up frequently. Since using the Pain Pain Go Away stick on the inflamed area, I can go pain free for days. The stick is pricey, but it lasts a very long time, a little goes a very long way. I melt it in my hands first before applying and rub on the area. The scent isn’t bad either, plus the ingredients are all natural. I highly recommend this pain relieving stick!

  3. Maya

    I have had TERRIBLE neck tightness/spasms since yesterday AM – Tylenol and Ice was my treatment yesterday. I had a rough night of sleep… and then… I used my GJ pain stick this AM, massaged it in to my neck and VOILA…. and have greatly reduced my pain and tightness. I can turn my head now.

  4. Chessell

    My husband and I each have our own GJ Pain Sticks! He uses his daily before his morning run. I use mine for my constant neck tightness (thanks to the hours of screen time at work!)
    Not only do we love this product, we love the environmental thoughtfulness and design of the packaging! Way to go GJ! And thank you!

  5. Nicole (verified owner)

    I have suffered from chronic neck pain, for years now. I received my GJ stick, after throwing my neck out, recently. I was in so much pain. And as a mother of 3, I can’t be out of commission! I started applying my GJ few times a day. The application is so smooth. And the scent is very calming. I began to notice the muscles that were on lock down, through my entire neck, began to ease up! I have since recovered from that episode, but continue to use my GJ every night, before bed. Thank you, GJ!

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