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Nighty Night Bundle


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If you’ve ever put a baby to sleep, you know that there’s a certain art to it, and routine is everything. First you give her a soothing bath, followed by comfy jammies, a tight swaddle and finally a lullaby and gentle shushing as she drifts into dreamland.

This bundle, offered as a collaboration between Good Jane and Fine Healing Goods, is the ultimate sleep ritual for grown-ups. Our suggestion? At the end of the night when you’re ready for bed, take your Good Jane Nighty Night capsule. Brush your teeth and wash your face. Slather on Fine Healing Goods Cream and inhale it’s therapeutic scents while your skin begins to soak in the benefits. Get into bed, and drifty quickly and easily into a deep, restful sleep. You’ll enjoy the season with less stress and better rest. You can thank us in the morning. Or after the holidays, we get it, it’s a busy time of year ūüėČ

9 in stock

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