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Hello, Mellow, We’ve been looking for you! Introducing our scientifically crafted, botanically-infused chill pills. Designed to be taken up to three times daily, Hello Mellow has you covered no matter what life (or your two year old) throws at you.


30 capsules, each containing 15MG of Broad Spectrum Hemp and 385MG of our signature, proprietary herbal blend consisting of HolyBasil, Skullcap and Lemon Balm. This product contains 0.00% THC.


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SUGGESTED USE CBD for stress? Yes! While many customers notice the positive effects of our best-selling CBD capsules right away, CBD works best if taken daily. Our Hello Mellow capsules are a great way to take the edge off of stress and anxiety after a long day or before say, dinner with your mother-in-law.
If you are new to CBD, start with one capsule per day. We find it is most effective if taken in the morning on an empty stomach. If needed, work your way up gradually over the next few weeks. Most people find 1 in the morning to be sufficient, and another in the afternoon for very stressful days.

More About Hello Mello

Good Jane specially crafted our Hello Mellow Capsules to foster a sense of calm and relaxation while neutralizing stress. While 15mg of high-quality Broad Spectrum Hemp is the star ingredient, it has a powerful backing team of natural curatives. Our proprietary herbal blend fuses the effects of four potent natural cures that people have trusted for millennia.  

Broad Spectrum Hemp

It is widely believed that, when considering plant medicine, a whole plant extract is preferred to an isolate. Good Jane's broad spectrum hemp contains all of the major and minor cannabinoids of the hemp plant from which it was extracted, with one exception. After the extraction process, THC is removed, leaving the rest of the extract completely intact. THC is often associated with an increase in anxiety, and also shows up, even in trace amounts, on most drug tests. Being fully cognizant of who our customers are, where they work, and how they intended to use our products, while also considering efficacy, we made the decision to use broad spectrum hemp extracts in all of our Good Jane products, and we've never looked back. Cannabidiol-rich hemp like that used in Good Jane's products, has a holistic, stress-relieving effect that improves your mental state via several mechanisms in several ways. For instance, studies have shown that CBD mitigates the feeling of stress itself. However, iIt also helps with long-term stress reduction by indirect means such as improving sleep.  


Skullcap was often used in North American folk medicine as a nerve tonic and consumed in the form of tea. Today it is one of many plants that people around the world use to balance their mood and decrease anxiety. More specifically, cultures prized it as a light sedative that could reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Traditional medical wisdom is often right, and studies have shown the positive impacts of Skullcap on mood and reduction of anxiety. Skullcap works by increasing GABA neurotransmitter activity, which is the same way that many anti-anxiety medications treat the condition. However, skullcap provides this effect without any of the unwanted side effects that often come with using prescription drugs for anxiety.  

Holy Basil

Holy Basil has a deep, honored history in the medicinal cultures of the Indian subcontinent, where the locals know it as Tulsi. They use it for tea, among other culinary applications, and revere it for a variety of health benefits. While scientific studies on the benefits of Tulsi are not yet highly developed, existing studies largely vindicate its reputation. In particular, there's evidence that it can reduce stress and inflammation.  

Lemon Balm

Often considered the "happy herb", people have used lemon balm as a health supplement for at least 2,000 years. In that time, it's gained a reputation for treating stress, improving memory, and generally producing better brain function. According to a study where one group took a drink with lemon balm while the other drank a fruit juice placebo, many of the purported benefits of lemon balm are well deserved. The group that took lemon balm demonstrated improved cognitive function as well as better mood.  
Testing Matters! Transparency is at the forefront of our brand philosophy. We want you to know exactly what is going in and on your body! We strive to use only the cleanest ingredients, and always have our products third party tested. This is how we maintain your trust! Click the below links for test results on our GJ Hello Mellow capsules: Certificate of Analysis Terpene Analysis Results HOW TO RECYCLE THIS PACKAGE: Good Jane capsules are packaged in 100% recyclable glass jars and cardboard boxes! No need to remove the label from the jar (the recycling process includes a heating process that melts any labels and excess glue). Once empty, simply remove the plastic cap (and white liner) and toss your empty jar and cardboard box in the recycling or take it to the dump! Don't have curb-side pick up? Car not made for dump runs? No worries, bring your empty Good Jane containers to a local recycling station at places like Whole Foods or Target on your next trip (we know you have one planned!). Or find a TerraCycle location near you! They offer a variety of programs through which you can recycle nearly every type of waste!

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26 reviews for Hello Mellow Capsules

  1. Sarah (verified owner)

    Hello Mellow is the answer to anyone experiencing stress and/or anxiety. I take one every morning and it makes such a difference. My family and employer thank you 🙂

  2. Taja (verified owner)

    If you are like me (female, driven, boss, love what you do 24/7, maybe a bit obsessive) and don’t have an off switch then you need to check out Good Jane. One Hello Mellow CBD/herbal pill and my on switch flipped to chill mode and I slept like a kitten in a shearling lined basket all night. For those who know me, sleep is my #1 hobby so this was icing on the cake. Enjoy!

  3. Nicole (verified owner)

    I’ve struggled with anxiety issues for years and been on a number of prescription medications. I had to stop taking the prescription medication when I was trying to become pregnant, and since my daughter was born, I have been looking for a more natural way to control my anxiety. When my anxiety is creeping up or has hit its peak, I find that taking a couple of Hello Mellows brings me back to a place of calm and control. I feel so good knowing I can regulate my anxiety using natural and herbal ingredients, it really gives me peace of mind. Thank you Hello Mellow, you have no idea how you’ve helped this mamma!

  4. Monica (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to try this out but I needed a little something for my every day anxiety. Nothing crazy serious but just something to help get the edge off of daily “Mom Life” and “stuff”. I didn’t feel anything the first day but the next day I definitely noticed a difference in how I was feeling. It wasn’t a “don’t give a damn feeling anymore” feeling for me but more like “really is it worth stressing about that much?” It was a great feeling and honestly I have been more productive in my work life and Mom life because of it. My husband even mentioned I was not yelling at the kids as much which made me feel super happy about. Driving for me is stressful and full of anxiety usually but the other night I had to pick up my husband at the airport on a Friday night and I was totally calm and chill about it. Best feeling ever! I love this product and plan to continue to take it daily. I take one pill daily with my black coffee in the morning and that really helps me through the entire day.

  5. Jonathan (verified owner)

    I have tried many CBD products, including tinctures, topicals, and capsules. Good Jane’s Hello Mellow is by far the best CBD product I have taken to help ease my anxiety. Growing up I was often prescribed a variety of pharmaceuticals to help ease my social anxiety. About 10 years ago I decided I no longer wanted to ingest any pharmaceuticals that weren’t an absolute necessity to survive. So instead of taking prescriptions that would sometimes help (and sometimes not), I decided to just deal with my anxiety and suffer through it. Hello Mellow has provided me with a much safer and more reliable solution to my needs. Thank you Good Jane!

  6. Chelsea (verified owner)

    I’ve had anxiety most of my life and have always explored different ways of helping me deal with it, but this little capsule has changed everything for me! I didn’t notice any real difference for almost a week, but I kept with it because I knew consistency is key with CBD. Some time in the second week I realized how well I had handled some seriously stressful situation that had been thrown at me and had an “ah-ha!” Moment. Being recently sober I’ve been going through a lot of upheaval of deeply surprises emotions and these capsules helped me stay the course. I have a feeling of calmness and “yeah I can handle that” attitude towards everything now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  7. Amanda (verified owner)

    “Mellow” isn’t a term most would describe my life. Stay at home mom of 4 ranging in ages from 9-4. But this pill has me all sorts of mellow, or as I like to refer to it as my “chill pill.” I even use it if I wake up at 3-4 am to help me fall back to sleep. It stops my racing thoughts and helps me be able to focus on what’s important. I’m in love!!

  8. Brad (verified owner)

    I never realized I had anxiety until I took one of these capsules. The feeling I get is it relaxes my mind so I can focus on what I need to be doing. It has helped me a tremendous amount at work, and even around the house to prioritize things and overall get more things done! Love Good Jane, and I hope more people try it because they will love it!

  9. Jesse (verified owner)

    I’ve been using CBD in various forms off and on for about 6 months, but I have felt the most noticeable effects from Hello Mellow! I wasn’t sure how I’d notice it was working until I worked a very intensely busy holiday weekend service (I’m a server at a casual fine dining restaurant and in the middle of training a new staff.) I couldn’t believe how my reaction to the stress changed versus other times in the same scenario without CBD to help. I also stay home with a very active 15 month old boy and have had some “double up” days for sure! I feel like I’m better able to handle stressful situations and honestly it makes me a better and more fun and understanding mama. I already told my doctor I’m planning on switching from a low dose anti anxiety medication to CBD!

  10. Eryka

    I’m beyond shocked how well and quickly these work! I take one if I’m feeling a little anxious during the day or before bed. It takes the racing anxious thoughts away and allows me to focus on my day or go to right to sleep at night.

  11. Jennifer

    How can you be a zen mama without some Mellow Yellow in your life!? This chill pill takes the edge off in about two hours for me, and lasts without any grogginess after it wears off. Mellow Yellow for the win! And now off to my in-laws! ?

  12. Sasha Duckworth (verified owner)

    I have dealt with anxiety most of my life and found myself getting more and more irritant as the years went by. I am beyond grateful I came across Good Jane. It took about a week for me to really realize how positively it affected me- things I usually would get worked up about I brushed off- I feel calm and content without feeling light headed or “out of it”- this stuff is amazing!
    It took two weeks to arrive in the mail (I live in a more remote area) I really do wish they offered bigger bottles or multi packs for people who are/ plan to be frequent users.
    Thanks Good Jane!!

  13. CJ Gibson

    I use Hello Mellow to give me an overall calmness and clarity when I’m stressed out.

  14. Cait G.

    I can’t get enough of my Good Jane Hello Mellow. I use it whenever I just need to chill out, whether it’s a stressful day at work, or just want to unwind at night without the sluggish, groggy feeling the next day! I recommend them to all of my clients and friends!

  15. Amanda B.

    For the last 10 years I have dealt with a good deal of anxiety. I have been so pleasantly surprised with Hello Mellow. I’ve been a more relaxed and comfortable version of myself since trying Good Jane products. Hello Mellow has made me a better mom and has given me a whole new level of chill.

  16. Hannah M.

    Although I’ve been treated over the years for depression and anxiety episodes, it wasn’t until this past year that I was formally diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and panic disorder. GAD is chronic anxiety that occurs even when there’s nothing going on to provoke it. Symptoms include constant worry, restlessness, and trouble with concentration. Panic disorder is unexpected and categorized by repeated intense episodes of intense fear accompanied by physical side effects.I have been prescribed medication in the past, but it made me incapacitated and groggy. I needed something that didn’t take away my ability to function. I now take Hello Mellow capsules by Good Jane to assist with anxiety relief. It contains broad spectrum hemp and also amazing herbs like Skullcap, Lemon Balm, and Holy Basil.

  17. Brittney (verified owner)

    On a regular day, I tend to be a jitterbug so I like to take Hello Mellow to combat irritability + get rid of the jitters! On my cycle days, I prefer to take 1 or 2 capsules as needed with cramps + PMS. I absolutely love this product and I recommend this company every chance I get!

  18. Allyson C. (verified owner)

    Hello Mellow = GAME CHANGER

    Just had to share!

    I love how it makes me feel! Less buzzy and more (sorry, this is trite but I don’t know a better word to better describe it at the moment), chill.

    It’s so good I made my husband take one this morning. He was easier to agitate than normal and I was like, “here, you need this.”

    We are having my side of the family’s Christmas celebration this weekend and I’ll be taking a double dose.

  19. Christa (verified owner)

    Hello Mellow is a straight up life saver! I don’t think I truly realized how anxious I felt on a daily basis and how it was impacting my response to small bumps in the road until I started using Hello Mellow every day. People in my life have noticed a difference, especially when something pops up at work that would normally send me in to a tailspin. I feel relaxed and chill and better able to handle tough and stressful situations, but I still feel like myself. Before finding Hello Mellow and Good Jane, I thought CBD was only for sleeping and pain relief which were two areas that I did not need to address in my life. I am so thankful for Hello Mellow and Good Jane and I tell everyone I can to check out these products!

  20. bchristie08

    So I ordered these hoping to replace prescribed anti-anxiety meds (which I am weaning off of). I have only used them on an as-needed basis but I noticed a difference the first time I took one. These work quickly with no adverse side effects and they are effective basically all day long. They are great to just take the edge off and get some serious work done! I highly recommend

  21. BossMom (verified owner)

    Highly recommend. Takes the edge off as I power through days of working from home and balancing remote learning needs for my two offspring. No weird aftertaste or side effects. I have been taking one every morning after my breakfast.

  22. Jack (verified owner)

    I use Hello Mellow to improve my golf game. It’s a great way for me to stay calm and focused on the course, I highly recommend!

  23. Erin (verified owner)

    These are amazing! They not only to calm your nerves and decrease your anxiety, but also great for decreasing pain from adenomyosis.

  24. Julia B

    LIFESAVER!! After the first few months of quarantine with my three children ages 5 and under I needed something to help bring me back to reality. With the stress of the pandemic, postpartum depression/anxiety and the never ending demands of parenting I was reaching a new low and it was affecting not only myself but my whole family. The first day after taking hello mellow I could immediately feel a difference. It was very subtle but helped to take the edge off from the constant stress I was feeling. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs something to help them feel less anxious, more focused and happy. I truly feel like I have started to get my life back, thank you Good Jane!!

  25. Jeff D

    My wife convinced me to try Hello Mellow before a golf tournament I was in. I was feeling pretty anxious which means my stomach feels terrible. I was also skeptical that these pills would work. I’d say I was very pleasantly surprised. By the time I reached the golf course, my stomach felt fine and I noticed I just felt like myself. Might be a game changer for my golf game. I keep a bottle in my bag now!

  26. Megan B. (verified owner)

    I would not be able to function without my cbd so thank you for making a great product! I was put on some heart medication which has some nasty side effects including anxiety. I started having crippling anxiety to the point where I couldn’t sleep so I started doing my research on cbd, found y’all, and am SO thankful that I did. I love your product & your company 💛

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