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This CBD body oil is multi-tasking just like you! A triple threat as an incredible facial oil, powerful pain reliever and relaxing massage oil all in one pretty jar! Mix a little with your favorite facial serum, rub on sore muscles, cramps or joints and toss to your partner during your next Netflix marathon to up the ante on that foot massage!

“After a long day at the computer and your neck feels so tense and like it can’t support the weight of your head. Rub on Ease and it makes all things good in the world again…Highly recommend.”

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WHY CHOOSE EASE? This CBD topical body oil is what every busy woman on-the-go needs. Equally effective as a facial oil as it is a massage oil, Ease provides relief from tension and stress as well as regenerates skin cells promoting a healthy, youthful glow. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Skin: Use this CBD body oil to Ease eczema, acne, sunburn and other skin irritation. Layer with your facial serum to support anti-aging and healthy, radiant glow. Physical Relief and PMS: Rub on lower belly and any other pain points for fast-acting relief. WHAT'S IN THE JAR: 400mg full spectrum hemp extract Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Organic Tumeric Oil, Organic Lavender, Organic Geranium, Organic Clary Sage, Organic Bergamot Oil, Organic Rose Oil, Organic Ravinstara Oil. Jojoba Oil: Jojoba's anti-inflammatory properties not only reduce inflammation, but also relieve dry skin. It locks in moisture and regulates sebum production (your bodies natural way of locking in moisture and preventing dryness). Grapeseed Oil: Grapeseed Oil is a powerful antioxidant. It also lowers inflammation, nourishes the cells and cleans pores to maintain a healthy glow! Tumeric: Potent anti-inflammatory agent and known to relax muscles. Lavender: Anti-inflammatory, eases swelling and improves blood circulation Geranium: reduces. pain, boosts immunity, aids in circulation and is anti-inflammatory. Clary Sage: strengthens skin and relieves muscle aches and joint pain. Enhances circulation, calms the mind and reduces stress Bergamot Oil: Relieves muscle aches, body pains, headaches and arthritis. Also can alleviate redness, itching and swelling. Rose Oil: Has an affinity for the female reproductive system and the scent is also known to release serotonin and dopamine. Ravintsara Oil: Reduces pain, calms nerves, promotes sleep and is soothing to the skin. TESTING MATTERS Get the lab results for this topical cbd body oil here


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