successful remote learning

If, like me, you have recently found yourself the under prepared homeschool teacher, practicing remote learning with your school-age kids, this post is for you! These tips come from a formerly homeschooled student and provide tips for making your homeschool environment and approach as conducive as possible to remote learning for your kiddos.

  • Designate a space specifically for school work. Whether it's the dining room table you never actually eat at or a separate bedroom, using the same space for learning every day, and not using this space for anything else, will help your student associate this space with school, and reduce distractions.
  • Make a schedule. Get up when you normally would for school. Getting schoolwork out of the way when you are most motivated will help make the day successful. Assign all subjects to a certain time of day. If your kiddo doesn't finish her math during the allotted time, move on anyway. Alternate between favorite and not-so-favorite subjects to break up the monotony and cut down on boredom.
  • Bribes, bribes and more bribes. Motivate yourself and your child with things like screen time, recess or ice cream to get things done in a certain amount of time and stay focused.
  • Be flexible and patient. Flexible with your kids schedule, you (probably) didn't go to school for this. Patient with yourself. You (probably) didn't go to school for this.
  • Tackle stress before it begins! I love Good Jane's Hello Mellow for stopping stress in its tracks!

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