Recently one of my friends was diagnosed with Endometriosis. She had been suffering with very painful periods and painful sex for years, and finally after trying unsuccessfully for the last year or so to have a baby, was diagnosed. Since then I have learned a lot about the condition and how many women it impacts. The scariest thing about it is that so few doctors are willing to diagnose it and so many women go undiagnosed for years (like my friend). Another really scary part about Endo is that there are very few medications these women can take that make them feel better, and so they live in almost constant pain. 

I wanted to learn more about what options there were for women living with Endometriosis, and so I asked an expert, someone relatively recently diagnosed who has become a strong voice in the Endo Community. See what she had to say about it below! 

Hello, I’m Shawna, I’m 34 and I live in Boston with my husband, my pup Dennis and my lifelong illness, Endometriosis. Lovely to virtually meet you! As most Endo sufferers will know, I’ve had Endo my entire life. However, it usually takes at least 7 years to properly diagnose Endometriosis and in my case, I was 20+ years in before I even realized Endo was a possibility. I was seeing my fabulous doctor at Columbia Hospital in Manhattan with a complaint that my distended stomach had popped up suddenly one day and lingered for months. He asked me a handful of questions and knowingly said, “Do you realize this is probably Endometriosis?”. This hit me like a tidal wave. I had not considered this and, being unaware of family history, was totally blindsided. What followed was a year of agony both physically and even worse, emotionally.

About 6 months into my clinical diagnosis and my laparoscopy, where Endometrial tissue was removed from my bladder, uterus, ovaries and small intestine (I also suffer from SIBO), my then-fiance recommended trying CBD oil for pain. I WISH I had used CBD in any form earlier! At the time, living in bustling Manhattan and being uncertain of when pain would take me down (would I be in a crowd in Midtown, trying to grab coffee? Would I be alone on the way to work in the Village?), I began suffering debilitating panic attacks. I started a regimen of adding CBD oil to my morning routine, taking drops in after my coffee each morning and suddenly my Subway rides were less scary, I was able to concentrate at work and with the help of a professional, conquer my anxieties. Since then, I’ve relied on CBD and Good Jane’s Not This Month to relieve cramps and anxiety that surrounds this disease. Since we’ve returned home to New England, I’ve been diagnosed with Adenomyosis, which complicates my pain, but equipped with knowledge of how to naturally manage pain, I’ve been able to cope. To anyone suffering in any form, I urge you give CBD a go!

Thank you so much to Shawna for opening up! Give her a follow on Insta if you are looking for someone to connect with about your Endo pain!

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