Here in the Northeast we are just beginning our thaw (or at least, A thaw) and people are beginning to come out of hibernation. And with that means actually seeing people again, on purpose!! Instead of gifting your favorite host or hostess with another houseplant, how about giving them something they will actually love!

We always love a good party and an even better present, so we are excited to offer this round up our favorite hostess gifts. Now all you have to worry about before your next dinner party is what outfit goes best with pale winter skin and that extra 5lbs still hanging around from the holidays...

  1. My beloved Fine Healing Goods cream, which is as relaxing and nourishing for the skin and body as it is delicious. I have yet to meet a person who isn't obsessed with the scent.
  2. The Hari Om Hemp Bath Bomb. I once gave this to a friend who was breastfeeding and needed to relax but wasn't comfortable ingesting CBD. She said it was the best bath she's ever had! Pretty sure the relaxing feeling applies whether you've got a newborn at home or not!
  3. Homebody mini soak bundle. Transform your bath into a beautiful, calming oasis. 3 different formulas so you can find your favorite.
  4. Dehiya Beauty Highlighters - these plant-based highlighters provide the perfect amount of shimmer, all while fighting free radicals, sun & environmental damage, stimulating cell turnover, encouraging collagen production and soothing sensitive & reactive skin!