Fun + Easy Fourth Of July Activities To Do With Kids (Pandemic Approved)

4th of july activities for kids

Have I mentioned that my kids are in SUMMER CAMP? It is glorious, I tell ya. They are outside most of the day, seem completely fine with wearing their little masks inside, and are really having a grand ol' time. As am I! The house is quiet, it remains clean throughout the day, and I am actually happy to see them when I pick them up. We are truly all better for it - however don't talk to me in September when, in all likelihood, they are not in school and I am back to crazy town having only glimpsed the Good Life I have been looking forward to fo 5 years.

With the Fourth of July on a Saturday this year (that was supposed to be way more cool than it is), we have a 3 day weekend. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I'm just going to share with you this post by The Every Mom, who rounded up 13 kid-friendly, pandemic-approved activities to do with kids to celebrate the holiday. You know I'm all about the sidewalk chalk projects so I will definitely be doing that one...and my kids have been desperate to do some variation of painted rocks, so we'll probably jump on that too. Check out my stories on Instagram over the weekend to see if I actually follow through!

Here is the full list from The Every Mom: