When I was in high school and couldn’t tell my parents that I was having sex, I went to Planned Parenthood. I didn’t go there for an abortion, but to get on birth control, get pap smears and generally try to remain healthy and teen-pregnancy free until I graduated from college and got my own health insurance. My experience with Planned Parenthood is not unique. Countless women go there instead of a regular GYN simply because they cannot afford a doctor’s office. Yes, Planned Parenthood offers abortions for those that want them, but that is not all they do and I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t know already.

Anyway, recently, Planned Parenthood announced that it would withdraw from Title X, a federal family planning program that helps low income women access birth control and other health services. It did this because, in its latest effort to chip away at women’s reproductive rights, the Trump administration announced a rule which forbids Title X clinics from referring patients for abortions. PP felt that withdrawal from Title X was the only option, and so it is.

In response, right here in Portland, Maine, the lovely ladies of Balayage Portland who allow me to remain in denial of my age by coloring my greys every six weeks, are throwing a fundraiser this Saturday- and all proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood. The 24 hour “Cuts for a Cause” kicks off at 3PM on Saturday with haircuts by the ladies of Balayage Portland, cupcakes from The Cupcakery and plenty of Rose! (schedule of events continued below)


From 4-6 you can get your hair cut by the talented folks of J. Henry Salon

6-9 will be Makeovers, Macarons and Mimosas

9-12AM is the Beyhive Bash, featuring Beyonce themed nail art from Berry Good Nailz, the queen Bey will be lighting up the house with jams, and delish Soul food will be available

1Am-8AM Flash Balayage ($50 minimum donation required) and Pizza

8AM-Noon Sunday get your spray tan on

12-3pm Brow bar and more guest cutters

All in all Jessica and her team have planned an incredible event that you do NOT want to miss. There are raffle tickets for incredible prizes including Hello Mellow and Nighty Night from Good Jane and so much fun to be had all around. Good Jane founder Liz Kirby will be at the event around 8PM for a few hours, so be sure to stop in and say Hi!! Hope to see you there!

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Are you coming? Shoot me a message on Insta and let me know!