Within the last year alone, CBD has risen in popularity and gained a lot of hype. From new CBD companies been created daily, and with the amount of research going into CBD, there is no question about its ability to help soothe joint pain. However, the question now comes down to which CBD format is more effective at treating joint pain since it can be consumed in any number of ways, including topical CBD products, oils, and capsules.

CBD Oil for Pain

CBD products come in different variations, which include CBD oil. CBD oil can be extracted from the hemp and marijuana plants, though marijuana plants will generally come with a certain THC level. There are a couple of ways CBD oil can be extracted, with the best method been CO2 extraction. This extraction method produces the best CBD oil.

It is mostly taken internally under the tongue with the use of a dropper, after which the supplement is absorbed and directly enters the bloodstream. This usually takes a bit longer to absorb, though it has a longer-lasting effect on the joint pain.

CBD Cream for Pain 

CBD topicals for pain comes in a couple of formats, including creams. CBD creams are produced with the oils extracted from the hemp or marijuana plants that are then made into a topical base. CBD creams differ somewhat from other CBD topicals for pain formats in terms of their texture, consistency, and even potency. 

Rather than being taken orally like CBD capsule and oil, CBD creams are applied directly to the area of the pain. After rubbing it onto the skin, the CBD component in the product is absorbed into your skin and take effect quicker. 

CBD Capsule for Pain

Just like the CBD oil products, the CBD capsule for pain is the CBD extract made into a capsule, which is usually in a gel form. The capsule is also consumed orally like oil, but the difference is that the body response is more specific. In this format, the CBD capsule first needs to make its way through the digestive system to be broken down before it makes its way into the bloodstream. This makes CBD oil a more favorable choice for those looking to take full advantage of the benefits of CBD.

Which is the Best CBD for Joint Pain?

All the format can be very effective for alleviating joint pain. Consuming CBD oil or CBD capsule can work in the internal cells to offer pain relief, while CBD creams offer directly targeted relief to the joint area where you feel the pain. There are advocates for all types of formats for CBD for joint pain, but when two of these are combined, for instance, a CBD oil/CBD capsule and a CBD cream can be more effective for alleviating pain from the inside and out. 

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