Shopping for CBD oil for sleep can be time-consuming. You can avoid spending hours on the Web by shopping online at Good Jane. Our Nighty Night CBD capsules contain botanicals that are known to help with sleep. Try Nighty Night to get to sleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night, with no morning hangover.

As you search for the perfect CBD oil for sleep, please consider Good Jane for those nights when it’s difficult to fall asleep or when you just can’t stay asleep for very long. Our Nighty Night capsules contain just the right amount of broad-spectrum hemp and our signature proprietary blend of herbs to put you in a relaxed mood that is conducive to sleep. Best of all, Nighty Night is gentle and all-natural, so you never have to worry about a morning hangover or side effects.

5 Tips to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

1. Don’t worry- be happy. Keep in mind that anything that is on your mind at night will still be there to worry about tomorrow- and worry never solves a thing. Stop thinking about what might happen tomorrow and empty your mind of issues that came up during the day or problems that may arise in the future.

2. Make our Nighty Night CBD capsules your nightly routine; taking CBD for sleep will be the healthy habit you don’t want to break. Just one capsule before bedtime is all it takes to wind down at the end of a busy day.

3. Just a few deep breaths are often enough to start yawning. Sleep experts recommend two deep breaths followed by a rest count of 3, followed by one long exhale to the count of 5. When the brain engages in the mental exercise of counting, combined with deep breathing, sleep is sure to follow. Try it- you’ll be amazed at how quickly deep breathing works.

4. Try to get to sleep at the same time every night. A nightly routine is not possible for everyone, but for those who can alter their sleep routine, even slightly, to make bedtime a more regularly timed event, they’ll find their sleep improves. Remember it’s not as important what time you go to bed as how hard you work to regulate your bedtime.

5. When using a CBD oil for sleep, choose a product that is made from quality hemp and does not contain artificial ingredients or fillers. Night Night capsules contain only pure CBD, Valerian Root, Hops, Lemon Balm, and Passionflower, all of which are proven effective in helping you get to sleep and stay asleep longer.

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