Become a Good Jane Advocate

Since our launch in 2019 we have learned that Good Jane isn't just about health and wellness. Our customers, our Good Jane family, have made deeper connections. Connections with us, with their families, with their bodies, and their communities. We are all striving to become better versions of ourselves. For ourselves, for our children and our partners, for our friends and loved ones. For our employers and for everyone we come into contact with. We are living the good life, and we want everyone to join us!

What is a Good Jane advocate?

Good Jane Advocates are enthusiasts of our mission, organic promoters and evangelists of the Good Jane product and brand. They are a community committed to helping others in all stages by spreading awareness of Good Jane.

How can I become a Good Jane Advocate?

Simply apply to our Affiliate Program - Share A Sale - using the button below. Please be very specific with how you plan to promote Good Jane, and on what channels. We will review your application. You will receive an email notifying you of our decision and informing you of everything you need to begin promoting Good Jane to your community, family and friends. Through Share A Sale, you will receive a unique link to share across your network that gives you credit for sales you make.

What are the benefits of being a Good Jane Advocate?

  • 15% commission on all initial sales made from your link
  • $100 bonus for any month you generate $1000+ in sales
  • Free product to try so that you know what you are selling, and a 25% lifetime discount on any future product purchases for you to use across our website
  • Fast and reliable monthly payments, real-time, accurate sales tracking and a customized dashboard at your fingertips!
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