Well, fam, we did it. We got those kids through this glorious summer and back on that school bus and mostly out of our hair! And while we’ll miss the endless supply of snacks, the incessant “can we watch a show?” and the occasional late starts (emphasis on occasional), we’re mostly happy to let them be someone else’s problem for the next few months. But along with back to school comes the carpool, the after-school activities and homework. The schedule is enough to drive any mama crazy, so, how do we deal? See below for my tips, and PLEASE, send yours my way if you have ’em. Lord knows, we can all use all the help we can get.

Tips for Dealing with that Back To School Grind

  • While you’re busy putting every school play, science project and soccer practice on the family calendar, schedule in self-care for yourself. Be it an exercise class, a manicure or a coffee date with another mom friend, if it’s not on the calendar, it ain’t happening – so put it down in RED.

  • Take a Hello Mellow! Seriously, these sweet little Good Jane chill pills help take the edge off of my stress and anxiety, and make the day so much easier to tackle!

  • Whole Foods Prime Now App- if we have it in Maine I’m guessing most of you have it too. Grocery delivery in 2-4 hours right to my front door? This is the kind of time saver that is also a life saver. Put your order in on the app (easily do it while you’re waiting for the bus or whatever!) and it shows up a few hours later. Genius.

  • Get up before the kids in the morning! If you can, getting up even just 20 minutes before everyone else in the morning gives you a chance to actually do your hair and makeup, do a quick workout or even just enjoy your cup of coffee.

  • Speaking of hair and makeup- get yourself a 5 minute make up routine that works for you. Even just a little tinted moisturizer and mascara goes a long way towards making it at least look like you slept. And a little not-so-secret trick we’ve been loving lately is Cannuka’s CBD and Manuka Honey Eye Balm which is amazing for under eye bags and dark circles.