Good Jane was born out of utter exhaustion with grown-up life. In short, we are all burning the candle at both ends. Our bodies are strained and overworked and suddenly we're hobbling around after a casual 5k with debilitating knee pain. We're up half the night worrying about work, kids or both and wake up exhausted and stressed on a daily basis. Some of us (80% of women according to studies!) still experience period cramps that cause us to call out sick from work every month to cuddle a heating pad. Good Jane's products were engineered to make all of these aspects of grown-up life easier. With discreet capsules for stress and sleep issues, and hands-free topicals to address all kinds of pain, we have designed a solution for our customers to make the most out of this one and only life we've been given.


Since our launch in April 2019 we have been asking our customers to share their #mygoodjane stories with us on Instagram. We love hearing how Good Jane has helped you, and other people do to! This kind of campaign helps us all to destigmitize the Cannabis industry, and allows more people us to discover the many benefits of CBD and Good Jane. Hover over any image below to read their review!


"Since taking #mygoodjane Nighty Night, I have been having the best night sleep! My toddler twins have occasional night wakings and my biggest issues was being able to fall back asleep after helping them in the middle of the night. Now I'm able to wake, tend to their needs, get back and bed and fall right back asleep! I have been going to work feeling rested and this mama is feeling human again!"


"I bought the Nighty Night pills for my wife a few weeks back. Everythign changed instantly after she started taking them. She cried the first morning because it was the first full nights sleep she had gotten for as long as she could remember. Thanks to #mygoodjane!"


"I'm 34 living in Boston and was diagnosed with Endometriosis 2 years ago after suffering for 20 years. Not This Month helps with painful days because it lessens my pain and travels so well!"


"Having high quality CBD products that are accessible locally is important for me because I've been dealing with anxiety and severe PMS since my teens. I recommend #mygoodjane to anyone dealing with every day stress and irritability! CBD isn't a trend but a way to truly improve your life!"


"As a mom to a 1 year old, two year old, two stepsons, and a small business owner, I was looking for something to take the edge off of every day life that still supports and enhances a healthy life style. #mygoodjane Hello Mellow not only does the trick, but also helps me embrace the little moments."


"Around that time of the month can be chaotic. Taking Hello Mellow has helped me with stress and overall calmness and clarity. I even take it on regular days of the month! Not just my cycle. I love #mygoodjane PMS stick for the sweet yet subtle smell and pain relief from cramps it gives me during my period. I just swipe, and relief!"


"I have severe anxiety. I needed something that didn't take away my ability to function. Hello Mellow has been a game changer for me."


"For the last 10 years I have dealt with a good deal of anxiety and even more back pain. I have been so impressed with both Hello Mellow and Pain, Pain, Go Away stick. I'm currently a spin instructor at Reve Cycle Studio and the pain stick is so helpful with my ongoing back pain and muscle relief from riding nearly every day. I've been  more relaxed and comfortable version of myself since trying Good Jane. #mygoodjane has helped make me a better instructor, a better mom, and has given me a whole new level of chill."


"I can't get enough of #mygoodjane. I use my Hello Mellow whenever I just need to chill out, whether it's a stressful day at work, or just want to unwind at night without the sluggish groggy feeling the next day! I recommend them to all of my clients and friends."


"I've always struggled with anxiety and although daily strategies and ADHD medication helps, I still get anxious and it can feel debilitating at times. Not to mention, ADHD makes me an insomniac! Going to bed has been torture. I accidentally pull all nighters because my brain just can't settle. So between anxiety, the stress of attempting to fall asleep and exhaustion from lack of sleep, I haven't ever been able to give my family the best of me! Shout out to #mygoodjane and their life changing CBD capsules Hello Mellow and Nighty Night! "


"As a first year hemp farm owner and operator I have found that sleep, or the lack of, has been one of my biggest enemies this season! My husband and I restarted a farm on the coast of Maine last spring, and ever since then I have been fighting with my sleep cycle and with trying to get an appropriate amount of rest. I was introduced to the Nighty Night capsules and have been using them to regulate my sleep schedule and to manage my racing thoughts before bed ever since! Because of #mygoodjane, I was ready for a tough harvest season and have had the mental clarity our work requires."


FORMULA FOCUS Our products were developed by a local Maine herbalist who is certified in the healing power of plant medicine. Each product contains only natural ingredients, and each ingredient is included for its specific ability to achieve a desired effect (i.e. sleep, stress or pain relief).

SUSTAINABLE Our products are made with ethically sourced ingredients and packaged in nearly 100% recyclable packaging. See each product page for information on how to recycle your product when it's gone!

THIRD PARTY TESTED Our products are made with broad spectrum hemp, meaning there is no THC in any of our products. We test the raw hemp as well as all other ingredients before we even begin to manufacture a product. The final product is then tested both in-house and with a third party company to ensure quality and safety.

KEEPING IT REAL We strive to be as transparent as possible about all of our processes. You'll also find that we can relate to the kind of problems you are having which have made you seek out CBD, because someone on our team has likely been through a similar phase of life. We are parents, spouses, adult children and professionals. As we always say, life's rich, but it can be a b*tch! And we feel that in our core, every day.